What the hell? Man slain by FBI and Mass. State Police in Florida

Wow! did anyone else notice this blip in between the massive tornado news today? ORLANDO MAN WAS FATALLY SHOT BY FBI, ETC. (how’s that for some screwed up jurisdiction issues?)  http://www.boston.com/metrodesk/2013/05/22/fbi-agent-shoot-and-kills-orlando-man-with-ties-boston-marathon-bombing-suspect-tamerlan-tsarnaev/r3JR1wWQjO9GuWjIMP0O0K/story.html

What the hell is going on? If Tamerlan (the older brother also dead) was suspected in this triple murder, why did he get to just walk around (with pressure cooker bombs in his back pack to test and to blow in a crowd) for two years? This is embarrassing for the FBI and I’m guessing that is why the guy, 27 yr old Ibragim Todashev was shot to death in Orlando yesterday, though I can’t begin to second guess what remains of old J. Edgar Hoover’s crappy, crooked department.

I don’t know about you, but sure seems like the whole truth about the Boston Bombers isn’t within our reach and something truly stinks here.



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Looking back on far too much information… an apology

Hello, as I type this I have Tavis Smiley on in the next room (PBS) and I hear a woman express something incredibly personal on his show about sexual abuse and miscarriage and my skin crawls.

Does it seem that something about digital information encourages this disclosure known commonly as “too much information?”

When I hear this, I am moved to take this moment (been thinking how to do this for two weeks) to apologize for a venting, an overly personal post about a month ago, here. Please, please disregard.

I can’t promise that the personal won’t bleed into this blog, but at least I can say that I’ll spare you moments like surfaced (inappropriately and then were deleted immediately when I saw they’d posted) a few weeks ago. My dear friend who was the imagined source of the anger, certainly didn’t deserve what I was writing in a dither and neither do you deserve to “overhear” such neurosis. 

I’m much more interested in commenting here on the brutal life that keeps unfolding ‘outside’ and the gloriously distractive entertainment on our screens that play inside upon our eye-ball cinemas.

Signing off: aware, remorseful and fully knowledgeable that life is filled with much bigger, more important mistakes and imperfections than my tiny life, but hope you’ll keep reading the good stuff at the least, here.

back to the front?


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From my Facebook….. the realies of living up North with our Indigenous people and watching them die, far too young.

OK Missoula has kicked my sad ass again … but this time I won’t just sit and cry, but try and try to make what is left better. EXPLAIN: a sweet dear deaf friend of mine, a neighbor who just had a stunningly beautiful, hearing child 4 months ago were hanging out more than usual. We’ve known each others as close by neighbors for almost a decade, nine years at least, and all I ever knew of EC was her hugs, smiles, her notes back and forth, her laughter…. and occasional concern over her teenager Elaine, who we first started bringing with is up to the Buddha Garden/ PEACE FESTIVAL when she was just a WEE girl. The whole shanghai fell in love with Elaine and Elaine with them those first few Peace Festivals…. it was heaven all around. So long before this present tragedy, which requires action, organization and fearless generosity…… to benefit these three female children—-please let’s help Elaine be supported to grow the adult that I know she’ll do only so perfectly! We start a fund.

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Time to call in the psychedelic first aides and surrender…one and all.

Looking for links to help me/us find me the right place, dose, preparation of any friendly plant with  psychoactive molecules, such that love can be felt as the psychoactive particles enter our bodies. To Wit: iowaska?
Just so it is clear, I’m not talking cocaine or heroin, pot or mushrooms. Those are already old friends &/or frienemies, so still in the tribe but most of those “allies” have been incognito for decades now. For the well-being of all agents involved as WSB would call them.
I believe that this is the exact right time to embrace psychedelia again… individually and globally. We need VISION! (btw here is a terrific podcast of all things/thoughts/theories/histories/feelings psychedelic http://www.matrixmasters.net/salon/ )
Most of you who know me or can read in the syntax that I am no stranger to psychedelic explorations, so if you think iowaska http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/iowaska would be a good idea for all of us to try now… perhaps on the same day planet wide? or is there another door of perception that we might want to do instead or along with?
Time is very sentient and does seem to find us for ventures such as this suggestion (1968 QED) and one would like to think that Time will let us know when the Big Now IS….
Though, please let me know if you have hints at such timing?
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April 28, 2013 Peter Warshall in his chosen cardboard coffin…

I would like to link to Peter’s niece’s site here: please ck it out for more beautiful stories and images of Peter’s life. I didn’t know that was where the image of Peter originated, but since now I do, voila, and may we all celebrate the life of this beautiful man: http://yoginirose.com/peter-warshall-tribute/

April 28, 2013 Peter Warshall in his chosen cardboard coffin...

Peter Warshall in his chosen cardboard coffin so appropriately laid to rest. If you don’t know who Peter was/is/will be no shame. He did his very best to duck fame while working world wide effecting naturalists all across the globe in every office or shack of meaningful possibilities for the Beings and Balance, to him a pragmatist spirit. Doing for ALL our fellow species (without the human at the center of course) was the goal, first last and in between. I loved this man, and for a while he, me…. but as he said, Beauty is always essentially danger, deception.” (meaning that 2nd in the way that camouflage works!!not ever ever did he mean anything in some shitty moralistic, judgmental sense). He sure had my number … back in the day esp. (beginning in 1974 stretching into the 80’s)…Though I doubt that he ever lost track of me and i know I tracked him all this time too… after-all we were tribal, one and all.
Odd how age dulls sharpened edges simply with Time and Space and HEALTH affronts are forgotten and good times not forgotten! No matter how much we know about our bodies, and it is obvious that Peter understood the BODY all bodies but esp. the animal’s body— ya humans ARE mammals—sadly though, his mortal body was not subject to his wisdom alone and as we all must, he ultimately died, he dropped his body. and here he is on his way to the next biological transformation.
O! R.I.P. Peter Warshall! Thanks from one and all, especially the feathered, hooved and honey makers– as well as we bi-peds. Oh how I believed that I loved you as a soul mate when i was a big 27 and thank you for giving me a shot at that & letting me out ever so honestly….. “I’d never be anything but an affair to you… you are married to your work/art/poetry/writing”… but most of all thank you, Peter Warshall, for what you taught me.For showing me that growing up in Jackson Wyoming wasn’t more than opening a book… there was so much more to learn. You taught me what I’ve known since: to listen, look, &don’t waste time doubting your experience. Be an animal and don’t try NOT to fit in with the other animals.

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The face of an Angel

The face of an Angel

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, for all his angelic* face and his ghanga smoking tendencies, could be one of those disastrous temporary criminals of American history. We’ll see, I hope. Then again maybe not, given the “honesty’ of the police state in which we live. To Wit: The Wire

*Dzhokhar’s father’s allusion, not mine. On day One, he said his youngest son was an angel and there absolutely had to be something wrong with the American government’s story.

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Changing the subject– to LIGHT– To recognize & honor the world-changing illuminations of Naturalist, Peter Warshall (laid to rest April 28, 2013)


Peter Warshall

Light and beauty

“The naturalist’s task,” Warshall began, “is to observe without human-centered thoughts and human-centered agendas, to observe with a Gaian perspective and with the perspective of the organisms you’re watching. The naturalist considers all species in space/time as equally beautiful.” There’s a connection between art and science—between the poetic organization of thought and the pragmatic organization of thought. Light operates at a distance. That inspires anticipation, which becomes yearning, which becomes desire, which becomes hope, which generates transcendence. When an image becomes transcendent for you, it becomes part of how you perceive. “The Sun is the initiator of all sugars.”

Starting 250 million years ago, life rebelled and began generating its own light. There are 40 different kinds of bioluminescence, used for mate attraction, for baiting prey, for deceit. “Danger and beauty always go together. Deceit—not truth—is beauty. A term some art critics use is ‘abject beauty.’” Humans began the second light rebellion by harnessing fire a million years ago. Then came electric lights in the 1880s, and we transformed the light regime and hence behavior of many species. Artists like James Turrell shifted art from reflected light to emitted light, and that is increasingly the norm as we spend our days with screens radiating information into our eyes.

Our eyes are pockets of ocean that let us perceive only a portion of the Sun’s spectrum of light. Bees, with their crystal eyes, see in the ultraviolet. Snakes perceive infrared, and so do some insects that can detect the heat of a forest fire from 40 miles away.

Bowerbird males create elaborate art galleries, even devising forced perspective, to impress females. Young male bowerbirds watch the process for four years to learn the art. Throughout nature, watch for bold patterns of white, black, and red, which usually signal danger.

Every day there is a brief time without danger. At twilight—as daylight shifts to night—all life pauses. “That moment has a contemplative beauty that we cherish. It is a moment of Gaian aesthetic.”

Warshall’s talk, and his life, have been a convergence of art and science. Asked about how scientists could learn more about art, Warshall suggested they go to an art class and learn how to draw. As for how artists can learn more of science, he had two words:

“Outdoors. Look.”

— by Stewart Brand

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