If less truly is more, then all those of you who’ve politely insisted that my brand new blog was filling with posts way too long, should be happy to hear that, at least for a good 6 weeks I’ll be on a rather short leash.

I slipped on the Montana ice and broke my shoulder/arm. The only amusing thing about this, besides the fact that the Bonner post was typed one-handed while waiting for someone to show up and take me to the ER, is that the bone I’ve broken in three places is called the Humerus.

humerous, and other bones in the armLook at that skinny little thing up there by the shoulder! no wonder that’s where it broke.

Not all that humorous right at the moment. But one handed hunt’n’peck typing is much more doable than one might think!

About SimoneLazzeriEllis

Hello, I am a person in the after post modern world; a poet, author, film maker, & arts journalist by trade. I'm broke. I guess I'm a story teller and observer. The stories are all true, the reviews my best educated guess or rants in the middle of the night or behind a pony wall in a news room. You may disagree with what I say vehemently or not give a shit, or hey maybe awaken me anew with your Imagination and change boh our future-- yeah, I'd dig that-- .
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