April 28, 2013 Peter Warshall in his chosen cardboard coffin…

I would like to link to Peter’s niece’s site here: please ck it out for more beautiful stories and images of Peter’s life. I didn’t know that was where the image of Peter originated, but since now I do, voila, and may we all celebrate the life of this beautiful man: http://yoginirose.com/peter-warshall-tribute/

April 28, 2013 Peter Warshall in his chosen cardboard coffin...

Peter Warshall in his chosen cardboard coffin so appropriately laid to rest. If you don’t know who Peter was/is/will be no shame. He did his very best to duck fame while working world wide effecting naturalists all across the globe in every office or shack of meaningful possibilities for the Beings and Balance, to him a pragmatist spirit. Doing for ALL our fellow species (without the human at the center of course) was the goal, first last and in between. I loved this man, and for a while he, me…. but as he said, Beauty is always essentially danger, deception.” (meaning that 2nd in the way that camouflage works!!not ever ever did he mean anything in some shitty moralistic, judgmental sense). He sure had my number … back in the day esp. (beginning in 1974 stretching into the 80’s)…Though I doubt that he ever lost track of me and i know I tracked him all this time too… after-all we were tribal, one and all.
Odd how age dulls sharpened edges simply with Time and Space and HEALTH affronts are forgotten and good times not forgotten! No matter how much we know about our bodies, and it is obvious that Peter understood the BODY all bodies but esp. the animal’s body— ya humans ARE mammals—sadly though, his mortal body was not subject to his wisdom alone and as we all must, he ultimately died, he dropped his body. and here he is on his way to the next biological transformation.
O! R.I.P. Peter Warshall! Thanks from one and all, especially the feathered, hooved and honey makers– as well as we bi-peds. Oh how I believed that I loved you as a soul mate when i was a big 27 and thank you for giving me a shot at that & letting me out ever so honestly….. “I’d never be anything but an affair to you… you are married to your work/art/poetry/writing”… but most of all thank you, Peter Warshall, for what you taught me.For showing me that growing up in Jackson Wyoming wasn’t more than opening a book… there was so much more to learn. You taught me what I’ve known since: to listen, look, &don’t waste time doubting your experience. Be an animal and don’t try NOT to fit in with the other animals.


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Hello, I am a person in the after post modern world; a poet, author, film maker, & arts journalist by trade. I'm broke. I guess I'm a story teller and observer. The stories are all true, the reviews my best educated guess or rants in the middle of the night or behind a pony wall in a news room. You may disagree with what I say vehemently or not give a shit, or hey maybe awaken me anew with your Imagination and change boh our future-- yeah, I'd dig that-- .
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2 Responses to April 28, 2013 Peter Warshall in his chosen cardboard coffin…

  1. Rose Kress says:

    Hi Simone-
    Thank you for your words about my uncle. Since you have used my photo at his gravesite, I would appreciate it if you would link back to my site.
    Thank you

    • Very much pleased to do this for you Rose. So sorry about Peter’s passing. He was truly one of a kind, an evolutionary being. BTW, I knew your aunt (?) Maggie and in fact was just telling some friends a funny story about beautiful Maggie. Would like to hear about her if you have a minute sometime.
      Oh I just counted his Bardo days again, and it is either right on Peter’s 49th Day or very nearly so. I wasn’t certain which day he passed, thus not certain.
      However, Happy Liberation dear Peter! and many warm sympathetic wishes to you Rose.
      Good wishes and thank you for contacting me, Simone

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