Time to call in the psychedelic first aides and surrender…one and all.

Looking for links to help me/us find me the right place, dose, preparation of any friendly plant with  psychoactive molecules, such that love can be felt as the psychoactive particles enter our bodies. To Wit: iowaska?
Just so it is clear, I’m not talking cocaine or heroin, pot or mushrooms. Those are already old friends &/or frienemies, so still in the tribe but most of those “allies” have been incognito for decades now. For the well-being of all agents involved as WSB would call them.
I believe that this is the exact right time to embrace psychedelia again… individually and globally. We need VISION! (btw here is a terrific podcast of all things/thoughts/theories/histories/feelings psychedelic http://www.matrixmasters.net/salon/ )
Most of you who know me or can read in the syntax that I am no stranger to psychedelic explorations, so if you think iowaska http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/iowaska would be a good idea for all of us to try now… perhaps on the same day planet wide? or is there another door of perception that we might want to do instead or along with?
Time is very sentient and does seem to find us for ventures such as this suggestion (1968 QED) and one would like to think that Time will let us know when the Big Now IS….
Though, please let me know if you have hints at such timing?

About SimoneLazzeriEllis

Hello, I am a person in the after post modern world; a poet, author, film maker, & arts journalist by trade. I'm broke. I guess I'm a story teller and observer. The stories are all true, the reviews my best educated guess or rants in the middle of the night or behind a pony wall in a news room. You may disagree with what I say vehemently or not give a shit, or hey maybe awaken me anew with your Imagination and change boh our future-- yeah, I'd dig that-- .
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