From my Facebook….. the realies of living up North with our Indigenous people and watching them die, far too young.

OK Missoula has kicked my sad ass again … but this time I won’t just sit and cry, but try and try to make what is left better. EXPLAIN: a sweet dear deaf friend of mine, a neighbor who just had a stunningly beautiful, hearing child 4 months ago were hanging out more than usual. We’ve known each others as close by neighbors for almost a decade, nine years at least, and all I ever knew of EC was her hugs, smiles, her notes back and forth, her laughter…. and occasional concern over her teenager Elaine, who we first started bringing with is up to the Buddha Garden/ PEACE FESTIVAL when she was just a WEE girl. The whole shanghai fell in love with Elaine and Elaine with them those first few Peace Festivals…. it was heaven all around. So long before this present tragedy, which requires action, organization and fearless generosity…… to benefit these three female children—-please let’s help Elaine be supported to grow the adult that I know she’ll do only so perfectly! We start a fund.

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Hello, I am a person in the after post modern world; a poet, author, film maker, & arts journalist by trade. I'm broke. I guess I'm a story teller and observer. The stories are all true, the reviews my best educated guess or rants in the middle of the night or behind a pony wall in a news room. You may disagree with what I say vehemently or not give a shit, or hey maybe awaken me anew with your Imagination and change boh our future-- yeah, I'd dig that-- .
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