What the hell? Man slain by FBI and Mass. State Police in Florida

Wow! did anyone else notice this blip in between the massive tornado news today? ORLANDO MAN WAS FATALLY SHOT BY FBI, ETC. (how’s that for some screwed up jurisdiction issues?)  http://www.boston.com/metrodesk/2013/05/22/fbi-agent-shoot-and-kills-orlando-man-with-ties-boston-marathon-bombing-suspect-tamerlan-tsarnaev/r3JR1wWQjO9GuWjIMP0O0K/story.html

What the hell is going on? If Tamerlan (the older brother also dead) was suspected in this triple murder, why did he get to just walk around (with pressure cooker bombs in his back pack to test and to blow in a crowd) for two years? This is embarrassing for the FBI and I’m guessing that is why the guy, 27 yr old Ibragim Todashev was shot to death in Orlando yesterday, though I can’t begin to second guess what remains of old J. Edgar Hoover’s crappy, crooked department.

I don’t know about you, but sure seems like the whole truth about the Boston Bombers isn’t within our reach and something truly stinks here.




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Hello, I am a person in the after post modern world; a poet, author, film maker, & arts journalist by trade. I'm broke. I guess I'm a story teller and observer. The stories are all true, the reviews my best educated guess or rants in the middle of the night or behind a pony wall in a news room. You may disagree with what I say vehemently or not give a shit, or hey maybe awaken me anew with your Imagination and change boh our future-- yeah, I'd dig that-- .
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One Response to What the hell? Man slain by FBI and Mass. State Police in Florida

  1. I don’t condone the murder, or maiming, of innocents by “terrorists’s” acts, but I also don’t condone our society’s killing in cold blood a young man upon no more than suspicion & a screwed up jurisdiction. What happened to a trial by a jury of our peers? What happened to due process? as if we could locate this guy’s peers without the FBI mowing them down first?

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