About Simone

I am a writer, an author, and a journalist by trade. I also make films. I’ve gone to many great schools, Naropa and the San Francisco Art Institute to name a couple of the best, during which time I finagled a B.F.A. in Film Making from SFAI, and more hours than anyone counted at Naropa and a few other schools. I have more hours including a brief stint at Law School before I ran off with the circus (Naropa) than anyone needs, much less should have. Wherever I attended I also taught. I never applied anywhere for anything. I just followed the invitations and signs or perhaps the heart throbs. Those were the days.  To quote a line from one of my favorite movies, the Unforgiven, “I’m not like that anymore.” I’ve published a lot in spite of my laziness. Mostly in newspapers and magazines. (Including a poetry book, Rosy Beligerents, and Santa Fe Art just out of print from its 7th printing. I must say the latter is a thin little beautiful history. None of the other books were worth mentioning even when they came out.) My professional beat was art reviews, until that damned hand was cut off by the cutbacks/recession, two years ago–btw: hands don’t grow back. Thus this site. I love dogs, my friends, cats, birds, books, TCM, watching a film written by Tenesse Williams, riding my bike on perfect days, and New York City. I’ve lived in Telluride, Boulder, San Francisco, British Columbia, Santa Fe, New York City, Montana, and Paris long enough to know that even with a name like Simone I was “an American Girl,” but rock’n’roll like Petty tells it. Hundreds of incredible people have crossed my path too numerous to name here, but you will find them in the blog as it grows. A remarkable number of them became or are becoming legends in literature and Buddhist practice and many are those corner/neighborhood saints whom only the privy get to know. Not a few were and are children. Never having been able to have my own I’ve had to wing it with the kids all along and treating them like short people seems to work for them, which is lovely indeed. No one was ever more “important” than anyone else just because they were what we’d call “media worthy” now. I ask you which are the more elite–  the truly rare– those who are famed or the saints? Not many have crossed over. However, the mentor/friends you might recognize include Andrei Codrescu, Alli, William Burroughs, Ed Dorn, Jenny Dorn, Rick Fields, Allen Ginsberg, Sarah Harding, Gregory Corso, Waylon, Eileen Myles, Brigid Meier, the Dalai Lama* and enough more to make a girl feel guilty for not doing more with her life having been given all that love and learning. I’ve loved many men and numerous women, some relationships lasting for a long time (10 years) some much more briefly, but all practiced with an open heart. I do not prefer either gender. Even though I’ve waited a lifetime to “declare.” I taught myself HTML (web language) when the Internet was barely walking.  I’m being lured back here now because print media is collapsing, but that’s okay, I’m happy to be right here doing this because Life always Trumps Death. I used to be very social, in fact a wild woman party girl, but now I’m a full fledged recluse no matter whether in Montana or New York. I used to wear hats a lot. I used to be a little flashy. Sometimes life gets me very, very down, always has. I’m a political animal and again, always have been— even dreaming in the old days, over and over of a 3-way revolution — but I found something new and something to do with that inclination. This Blog. This Domain www.saynitso.com , and I sincerely hope it rips your heart open, as well as makes you laugh… or visa versa. It is about time we are fully human again, especially in this country… & if this idea from the collective doesn’t work it for ya, then maybe we should all consider taking Acid again. Maybe we need to take Acid anyway. Not as a vitamin or concert drug but as a ritual like the old days. Perhaps I’ll describe for you how that was (if you happen to be a youngster… like 30-something). Ain’t Life Grand?
And if  you can read all of this in one block paragraph, “you are a better (wo)man than I am Gunga Din! (my blog writing isn’t so difficult reading I promise… smile. I am just testing you. Genuine hermits are like that.)

bird woman/man

this world

*No this is not “name dropping.” Every person on this list was, or has been, my heart-friend and teacher for at least a decade. Most listed here were/are continuous contact friends for 23, 30 and 35 years. Others no less than a decade or 15 years. Thus I mention them, and also as an introduction because I will mention them again, no doubt.  In that cases of only a decade or 15 year relationship, it is because they are still alive and we only connected just a decade or so ago… or that they died after 10/15  years of friendship. the only one I mentioned because i will write about him later who’s friendship became strained after 10 years was Allen Ginsberg, but that is another story. All this because I haven’t mentioned the grief I’ve recieved just for mentioning friends recognizable names.  Finally, this blog is not a vacuous name dropping chronicle, it is a memoir/journalistic commentary of the present day as it juxtaposes to my life story, on a daily basis. I only ask that when a larger than life personality is mentioned, please try to read it as a character in the story, not your idea of who that person is/was, but what he or she was/is in this story. That would be terrific! Thanks!


2 Responses to About Simone

  1. Roberta Anderson says:

    Love it, Simone! So much passion, heart, and fun. Keep letting it rip!

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