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Political thought, letters to powers that be and papers that lasted. Vents and secret plots. You add, you join in — when it comes to politics in America, there is always more room to speak than action. Perhaps this is a blessing.

What the hell? Man slain by FBI and Mass. State Police in Florida

Wow! did anyone else notice this blip in between the massive tornado news today? ORLANDO MAN WAS FATALLY SHOT BY FBI, ETC. (how’s that for some screwed up jurisdiction issues?) What the hell is going on? If Tamerlan (the … Continue reading

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Looking back on far too much information… an apology

Hello, as I type this I have Tavis Smiley on in the next room (PBS) and I hear a woman express something incredibly personal on his show about sexual abuse and miscarriage and my skin crawls. Does it seem that … Continue reading

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From my Facebook….. the realies of living up North with our Indigenous people and watching them die, far too young.

Simone Denchen Lhamo OK Missoula has kicked my sad ass again … but this time I won’t just sit and cry, but try and try to make what is left better. EXPLAIN: a sweet dear deaf friend of mine, a … Continue reading

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April 28, 2013 Peter Warshall in his chosen cardboard coffin…

I would like to link to Peter’s niece’s site here: please ck it out for more beautiful stories and images of Peter’s life. I didn’t know that was where the image of Peter originated, but since now I do, voila, … Continue reading

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The face of an Angel

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, for all his angelic* face and his ghanga smoking tendencies, could be one of those disastrous temporary criminals of American history. We’ll see, I hope. Then again maybe not, given the “honesty’ of the police state in which … Continue reading

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Changing the subject– to LIGHT– To recognize & honor the world-changing illuminations of Naturalist, Peter Warshall (laid to rest April 28, 2013)

  Peter Warshall Wikipedia Home Page Light and beauty “The naturalist’s task,” Warshall began, “is to observe without human-centered thoughts and human-centered agendas, to observe with a Gaian perspective and with the perspective of the organisms you’re watching. The naturalist … Continue reading

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No Kidding… a kid is a kid is a kid until past 19 non? I mean for REAL? get real America, our kids are kids until they are 30, at least!

I can’t sleep until I comment::  was Dzhokar there at all? or was he playing Grand Theft Auto? automatic pilot? or activist? Tonight I ask:   are you kidding me?? of course these friends and room mates, these young guys who’ve … Continue reading

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